Saturday night meetings

Our primary activity is our weekly meeting on Saturday night, held at the AMCA House. Aspects of the meeting include

  • A talk, with Bible-based teaching
  • Worship through music
  • Fellowship
  • Games
  • Snacks

The meeting starts at 6:30 pm and ends by 8:30. Then we have a time to hang out and enjoy snacks. We recommend parents pick up their children around 9:15.

Weekly activities

We also have other activities during the week.

Prayer Meeting 

Girls’ Bible Study 

Boys’ Bible Study 

Discipleship Group 

Please contact us ( for schedules, locations, and for additional information about each activity.

Yearly activities


We usually hold two retreats each year at La Cumbre, a camp located about 80 km southeast of San José. Each retreat lasts three or four days. One is held at the start of Semana Santa (Easter Week) in March or April and the other is held in October.

Christmas Banquet (early December/late November)

Special Events We occasionally plan and announce other special events throughout the year.